Kick-off meeting held in Zagreb

During March 6-7, 2023, the Kick-off meeting of FoodMAPP project (MSCA SE grant 101086115) was held at University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb, Croatia. The partners have gathered for the first time in-person after the grant was approved and started the project execution period. Vinko Lešić (UZ) gave welcoming to Zagreb, Croatia and to the project, joined by Jeffrey Bray (BU) with a welcome and with the story on how the project started. The representatives of partners each presented their own companies and institutions:

In a two-day meetings, the partners discussed about the initial coordination and future activites to to promote local food purchasing and reduce food waste. Few photos are available in detail news content.

Representatives from project partners, from left to right: Maxime Michaud (IPBR), Djamel Rahmani (CREDA), Márta Alexy (ELTE), Ádám Tarcsi (ELTE), Jeffery Bray (BU), Katherine Appleton (BU), Ivana Bašljan Puceković (UZ), Barbara Ronge (RP), Manfred Ronge (RP), Hans De Steur (UGent), Juliet Memery (BU), Nikica Perić (UZ), Roberta Discetti (BU), Luka Jelić (UZ), Vinko Lešić (UZ), Filip Vrbanc (UZ), Slaven Begović (UZ)




Author: Vinko Lešić
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